Have you created your circle of trust?

Leaders have mentors, athletes have coaches, have you created your circle of trust?

It is impossible to do it all on your own. You simply can`t. You need guidance and trust of a reliable core team. How to create or who is your own trusted team ?

Forget the fairy tale about solitary rock and do-it-alone drivel and beliefs that society flings at us.

You need an inner circle of deep, trustworthy relationships with a handful of people who give you the reassurance, inspiration, advice and backing to achieve your dream, whatever that might be.

Also remember that although the Internet is a vital resource, it is not the solution to your inner circle needs. The number or quality of your online-connections is great but you cannot count on them as a lifeline.

You need to be able to help others flourish in whatever capacity you are able to do. Be generous even if you think you have nothing to offer. You always have something to offer.

Remember that in the end we all possess the universal characteristic of relationship building that allows us to connect with almost anybody on earth through tenderness, listening, commiserating and compassion. For specific and deeper relationship building you need to find out what it is that the other person really needs in order to have overall happiness in their life, and then do whatever you can to help them achieve that. Lastly, you need to equally let others help you, a vital component to the completion of the equation of giving and accepting generosity.

You also need to be able to “let them in” so that there can be mutual trust and understanding. We have been drilled into our heads from our childhoods that we can’t present a weak front or it opens us up to being victimized. Think of it this way though. On the rare occasion when you have tried to open up why is it that you have found it difficult, very difficult in fact.

It is because showing your vulnerable side requires a tremendous amount of strength

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