Full Moon Celebration


The lunar month has four phases or quarters, whose climax is the full moon at the center of this cycle. The moon grows, it increases its light, when passing from the new moon to full moon and it diminishes or diminishes its light, when leaving the full moon until beginning again the new one. Each of these phases lasts approximately a week and the quarter of full moon comprises the three previous days and the three later to the moment of its fullness. The Moon is the Goddess, visible and luminous, beautiful, refulgent and serene in all its forms. It is the feminine wisdom, the connection with the mysteries and the experience of the maturity. The phases of the moon affect all life, from the currents of the ocean to the growth of plants.

The New Moon It is an invitation to enter into the mystery of the maze, the mysteries of initiation. Women dance in the dark without fear and feel the personal depths with joy and amazement. In the new moon the changes begin, the old is left behind to begin a new cycle. Here we look at the darkness and face it.

Crescent moon This is a good time for all kinds of Rituals that allow us, after having accepted the darkness, slowly return to light. This moon is precisely used for the growth of our ideas and thus empower all aspects of our life. This is a period of activity related to the beautiful aspects of the maidens. Cleanliness, purity, sensuality, beauty.

Full moon The full moon is the matron, the Mother and the Lover, who accepts or rejects the principles of the new life. The woman in the fullness of her decisions is her strength and her power. The Empress and the Great Priestess of the Tarot, who are creators of their own ways and lunar labyrinth. The full moon is fertility, birth and abundance. This aspect of the mother is the one who connects women with the ability to make correct decisions. She is known as the Moon of Desires, she is the Generous Mother who provides us with what we need, after working the creative visualization, we can be ready to make our requests, as long as we do not forget the mandate of the Magicians and Healers, That is: Ask for what you want, but without prejudice, or take advantage of anyone, for your benefit and for the good of all ... Remember: everything you give, returns twice ... Be careful with what you wish, it is going to be fulfilled ...

Waning moon She is the old Wise, Hecate, who moves us gently into our own shadow. It is the opportunity to face our fears to let them go, to sink into the very depths that come to us with the New Moon assuming our weaknesses, the aspects to work and to free us, letting them leave without fear. It is Hecate, the generous Mother who sustains us with her dim light, in this dark transit, helping us to look at the mirror of the soul and to work the detachments, to leave the addictions and to free ourselves from what we no longer wish to have in our life.

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