If you're going through pain

A man found cocoon of a butterfly and one day a small opening appeared . He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body.through a little hole until it stopped making any progress at all. and looked like it was stuck. So the man decided to help the butterfly . He took a pair of scissors and started to cut the cocoon so that the butterfly would be able to come out. The butterfly then emerged easily but its body was swollen and its wings were shriveled.. The man didn't think nothing of it. and he was waiting there ready to see this buttefly's huge wings emerge.and for it to fly. But it did not such thing It spend the whole day crawling around with its swollen body and shriveled wings. Despite the kind heart of the man he didn't understand that the cocoon had been designed so that the butterfly's fluid would be pushed from its body into its wings through the struggling process .

The moral of this story :

Our struggles and troubbles develop our strength. Without them we won't have the caracter , the caliber or abilities that we could potentialy realize . And therefore it's so important for our growth

#butterflyeffect #pain #healthy

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