Photos that can increase your brain activity

Scientists have proven that "shapes" are important to the human mind, because when a shape is recognized, it increases brain activity.Scientists have also proposed that sharp objects have long signaled physical danger, thus human brains now associate sharp lines with a potential threat. Curves, meanwhile, may seem harmless by comparison. The brain prefers curves because they signal safety. Curves are used everywhere- in advertising, architecture, art... and yes photography. A well-placed curve will put your audience at ease.

Time and again, when people are asked to choose between an object that’s linear and one that’s curved, they prefer the latter. That goes for watches with circular faces, letters rendered in a curly font, couches with smooth cushions–even dental floss with round packaging.

Curves are attractive to men because they signal – fertility and health. Curvy women reward the male brains the same ways a drug does.

Also Women consider men with a muscular body more attractive than skinny or overweight men. If a man is muscular, it means that he has good genes, has self-discipline, he can take good care of themselves, he has socio-economic stability, and it is also a sign of good health. Muscular men really have an advantage in this field, even if they are skinny muscular guys.

Do you prefer round style like this:

or a rectilinear form, like this:

“In other words, we prefer curves because they signal lack of threat, i.e. safety.”

#shapes #curves #brain #photography #emotionalintelligennce

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