Studies show that your body language communicates up to 50 percent of what you want to say. Paying attention to a person’s body language can help you begin to understand what he or she might really be feeling.

Humans are the only animals to communicate using words. The rest of the animal kingdom manages very well with non-verbal signals.

Your body language releases lots of subtle and unconscious signals about you whether you are speaking or just entering a room.

And your body language messages are seen by others as more honest and reliable than your words. When your words don’t match your gestures, it’s your gestures that will be seen as the truth. We tend to believe the delivery, rather than the words. So it’s really important that your words and your body language match, that they are congruent, otherwise you will be giving mixed messages and risk not being believed.

So, in order to become better communicators and influencers we need to become aware of our own body language signals and then work to improve them, and we can also study others’ body language, to ‘listen’ to them with all our senses to improve communication and our ability to get into rapport with them.

The good news is that we are all experts on body language. You read it all the time and have done so since you were fifteen minutes old. And you can teach yourself to be better at it.

#bodylanguage #emotionalintelligence #communication

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