The hug can heal, compensate and improve physical and emotional state. Es a universal language, and when we hug, we reaffirm our solidarity spirit, we transmit security and protection, turning into positive energy.

When I hug you, I recognize the value of your person, and I transmit with this contact my vital energy. The emotions circulate through this bridge of arms, rescues me from loneliness and I bring you to my side where you can let your feelings flow. One minute I need to stop my steps and fix my gaze in your eyes. I spread my arms and open the door of my sensations, heart with heart, beating together. It is a gesture capable of giving us joy, calming us and makes us feel good when we are sad. Whenever they give us a good hug we feel protected and that is why it is such a beautiful gesture, and cures many ills.

This week ... how many hugs did you gave?

I send you a huge hug !!!

#hug #emotionalintelligence #coaching #healing

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