How to Know If You've Found "The One" (and not only in love)

Is he The One? Is she The One?

At some point in most relationships (not only love relationships but also business), people ask themselves the same question, “Is this one the right person for me?” Whether you’re brand new or five years in, it’s an inevitable question. The question isn’t necessarily born out of doubt or insecurity.

How to find out in a short time whether someone is the key to me, I do not waste time and trust - if it is really "the right one" ?

The best solution is going together for holiday, spend time together. Why ?

In one of my trip to Middle East I was suprised how they make deal with partners.

I was surprised by the words: "We will do it "abroad"." Abroad means out of our comfort zone , so they propose spend few days together out of city in the middle of nowhere: far away from any towns and cities and where few people live, Far away from luxury and comfortable 5stars hotel and internet connection.

Here is the reason:

·#1 reason: More than a few hours of hypocrisy

At the meeting,we always come with a perfect, exhilarated and calmed person with best partner's smile. When a person has bad mood, can says NO to you and avoid to meet you. But to be with someone for a long time means to know his mood. Who is? Who is the target?How can he be a support, not when the thing going well but when the things stops going well for him?

A common holiday is simply another effort. Several continuous days and nights together mean ripping out of the comfort zone, seeing even in the uncomfortable moments when one simply has to show their everyday routine.

#2 reason: Together you can face any challenges

We suddenly face any unexpected complications. Here you can see how the partner face the problem.

Welcome to everyday life!

If we are transferred to a new environment that we can not escape for some time, we have a chance to see how the partner manages unusual, perhaps stressful times. And we, on every (also negative) experience away from home, know how much we can help each other and work together.

#3 reason: See all faces

If we meet only occasionally, and shortly is like we were seeing the other in the fog. On vacation or outisde of comfort zone few days the pink haze dissolves.

The gold tinsel stops shining and we see the real character, the actual good and bad habits. Suddenly we can see who is in real the other , as the partners cherished words sat about. him and partner's failures. We perceive what part of his truth we can accept and what we have to rethink.

At the same time, we recognize the new ourself. Perhaps we even seem to have a greater self-control from us (thanks to a partner) to make a better person.

In tandem, two people use their different attributes to make each other COMPLETE. - The same happen in bussniess. Find partner who will be a good support for you and complete you. Do not mind at all that they are different. I explain this on the example of yin and yang, symbols of day and night, which do not have much in common but rather different, but that is why they will create a perfect and complete unit.

And this is what you need for your business.

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