Tips for Overcoming a Loving Breakup

Take these tips to deal with your breakup.

While there are no pills or immediate therapies that make you forget the pain you feel when you suffer a breakup with an important person in your life, there are some tips that if practiced to the letter and with much maturity, can make Slowly heal your wounds caused by ending the couple, and only joys can enter your heart. Pay attention:

FREE YOURSELF Cry all you need, but accept that the relationship is over. You will be performing a real catharsis. ANALYZES YOUR BREAK Analyze the causes that have motivated the love break. If it is not the first time that happens to you, you can perform a test of conscience to know if it is the first time that happens to you and if in other past relationships the love breaks occurred for similar reasons. THINK ONLY ON YOU It is not a question of forgetting others, but for a certain amount of time you try to make yourself comfortable; Do activities that you like and reencuentrate with old friends that you had stopped visiting, probably, to be with your partner. LEARN TO BE ALONE Do not worry because on a weekend you are alone, or because you have to attend without your ex to a certain event. KEEP ON THE GOOD OF THE RELATIONSHIP It does not matter what happened. Regardless of the bad, yes there were happy moments within that relationship. Those moments that were happy have to remain in the memory as something positive, not as a fraud. DO NOT BLAME FOR THE LOVE BREAK It is the worst thing you can do, because it will only torment you more. Remember that in a relationship there is never a single culprit. AVOID CONTACT WITH HIM We know that curiosity is great and you want to know what and with whom you are after the breakup, but do not ask others or see after separation. If you made the final decision, there is nothing you can do to reverse the situation. DO NOT ACT REVENGEFULLY The worst thing you can do is to use another person to jealousy your former partner, because you would not want them to do the same with you

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