Belief #001: Is bad to drink milk with orange juice?

elief # 1: It is wrong to take the milk with acidic foods

When I was young my grand mother always told me that I should not drink orange juice after drinking milk because I could get hurt. This council extended generally to any mixture of dairy products (yogurt, cheese, etc.) and acidic foods (lemons, oranges, pickles …). Certainly, if we mix orange juice with milk, this is cut, but this is harmful to health? And what is more interesting, do you really know why milk is cut?

What happens when we mix milk and orange juice? As you know, milk is cut when we add orange juice or other acidic substance. Let me show you what is really happening,

In the first video three glasses with milk is. In each we add an acid product: – The first, orange juice. As you know, oranges contain citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). – The second: lemon juice. Lemons also contain citric acid (at higher concentration) and ascorbic acid. – The third: vinegar which contains acetic acid.

In all cases it has been the same: the milk is separated into two phases: a liquid phase at the surface and a second phase at the bottom where there are lumps of white. (In the videos it is not appreciated as well as expected, but encourage you to do the test at home). In short, the milk has been cut.

Is it harmful or not? As you can see, milk juice is nothing but milk and juice. The aspect that takes the mixture is not very attractive to say, but it is not at all harmful. You must keep in mind that in the stomach have a much stronger acid orange juice and lemon juice: is hydrochloric acid. So every time we drink milk cut into our stomach.

Moreover, there are plenty of dairy and gourmet recipes that are made taking advantage of this phenomenon. Thus for example they made many cheeses (paneer, which is made from milk and lemon juice), yogurt (which coagulates due to acids produced in fermentation), sour milk, etc.

Why it is then thought to be harmful to mix milk and acidic foods? It is believed that the curdled milk is harmful to health because it can be a symptom of deterioration. I explain. If you do not keep milk properly, a huge amount of microorganisms (mainly lactic acid bacteria) that are able to ferment lactose (milk sugar) it will be held in it. As a result of this fermentation lactic acid which causes a decrease of the pH and consequently the milk is cut occurs. Hence then comes the advice of my mother …

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