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October 30, 2018

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Emocionálne dedičstvo našich predkov

October 30, 2018

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50 flavors of ice cream

June 1, 2017

Often inertia, family and social pressure, our beliefs, fear the judgment of others or mistakes in our decisions make us focus on objectives that, once achieved, will not satisfy us. Knowing what we want and why we want it will help us direct our efforts in the right direction and to recognize when we reach our goal, otherwise easily we end up where we want  not to be.


Imagine that today you fancy an ice cream and you go to a popular ice cream parlor with a letter from more than 50 flavors; the place is small and always full of eager to enjoy the most famous ice cream in town people, so sellers do not have much time for each client.
You get to the ice cream parlor and the tail is very long, have you done well to come? It may be worth giving up a delicious ice cream for not giving you the beating of being so long standing, though many people can not be wrong, it sure is the best; as I think 10 people have been added to the line.
You decide to stay, total, and you’re there; the tail moves slowly and get lost in your thoughts … according to the time you finish you can still go to hairdresser’s shop, on the way you can stop at super, ah! and you have to call the doctor before 18pm to cancel the appointment tomorrow …
A voice calls you “Ma’am, what ice cream do you want?”. You land from your thoughts to the counter and the 50 flavors you think  are thousands, you’re paralyzed by offer:  Which to choose? It has to be the richest, so you had to wait, but what is the richest? … You see that the seller will skip your turn and say “This, the pink” while you point the finger flavor that you have just ahead.
You try it and was not enough;to be the richest ice cream parlor in the city, it is not so bad; also is strawberry and you do not like strawberry. In fact, you’re allergic but you do not think throwing the ice cream that you worked hard you get, especially seeing the face of envy that put those who see you taste it!

Before going for a goal, it is convenient to take distance and reflect on what you want and why you want it.

Your goal truly responds to a personal interest or is the result of family or social pressure?
Does it make you feel happy?
To do this, you have to give up important things for you?

As more detailed description of your goal, the easier it will propose actions to achieve this.

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