Award of the gold medal of merit at work, SPAIN

20th january 2017

In 2017 European Association of Economy and Competitiveness granted to Nadia Cisarova the European Medal of Merit at Work, in recognition of  merits, professional career, relevant services and  extraordinary works to the European Union in the Coaching sector.

(enero 2012 La fada de Sarriá,Barcelona)


( mayo 2014,Báječná žena, Eslovaquia)

Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, SPAIN

September 2012 - 2017

Coaching , PSYCH-K workshop  

Shiv Nadar School , Noida,  INDIA

September 2014

Coaching , PSYCH-K workshop and workshop of Polynesian dances at Shiv Nadar School Noida, India. What talent and desire to learn! 

Emotional Intelligence in Amman, JORDAN

February 2017

Coaching , Emotional intelligence organized by Accompleash Amman and TFW Jordan. What talent and desire to learn! 

Emotional Intelligence in Barcelona SPAIN 

April 2017

Coaching , Emotional intelligence organized by  TFW Spain.

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