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Cisarovnna SK - Teambuilding, Coaching and Innovation is born from the merger between the different disciplines and professional groups who are trying to bring new value to organizations and uniqueness of each project.

Specializing in groups of staff motivation and talent. More than ten years working with groups and companies from different countries, providing all services related to motivation, performance and development ::

Teambuilding, Outdoor Training, Cooking Team, Company Day, experiment teaching, Risoterapia, en Coaching Individual and group

CisarovnnaSK works with a passion for people and companies that want to achieve extraordinary results.

As first, CisarovnnaSK, brings to Slovakia and Midle East method PSYCH-K ®.

The most powerful tool for change, simple and effective, so far as I knew. 
Method of reprogramming beliefs that limit us and prevent have, do and be what we want. 

Mentor, Coach , Therapist

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